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This is a bare bones, practical, perpetual menstrual cycle tracking calendar. Within a smattering of illustrations is information about your menstrual cycle (both physically and energetically), a "how to" page, 12 months (no years printed so the calendar can be used whenever, forever), room for notes and resources, all in a little hand bound journal.  

Apps can be handy but I'd rather this sacred information be kept under our own locks and keys. algorithm predicting what is going on with my body, eh no thanks.

If the Dobb's decision illuminated one thing, its that now, more than ever is the time to deeply understand your menstrual cycle. With this understanding you can be active (and in control) of either becoming pregnant or actively avoiding.

Printed by Mixam Zine Printing in the USA!

Cunt Calendar, Menstrual Cycle Tracker

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